Zotac Expands Zbox Mini PC Family into Haswell Territory



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Maybe I'm missing the point, but shouldn't these come with 8GB of RAM and a 120-256GB SSDs? They would then make ideal general purpose office workstations...



these little computers are so fascinating!



I'm just glad that they're starting to keep up with the new CPUs coming out. For a very long time, they were Intel Atom CPUs or extremely weak first gen AMD C-series APUs and DDR2 RAM. Yes.. DDR2.. The worst part was they only offered those even when Ivy Bridge was on it's way in for the mainstream. I spoke to a Zotac rep and I think they listened, because a month later, they began offering new Zboxes with SandyBridge CPUs and DDR3 along with more powerful AMD APUs. Since then they've been doing better at having better offerings and this should help keep them able to make money, as no one will buy one of these if it had DDR2 and 3 generations old (or older) hardware.