Zotac Third in Line with 2GB GTX 460 Graphics Card

Paul Lilly

If all you're looking for is vanilla GTX 460 graphics card, this isn't it. Instead, Zotac's upcoming non-reference GTX 460 strays from Nvidia's blueprint by doubling up on RAM to 2GB, following in the footsteps of Sparkle and Gainward, both of which also recently announced 2GB versions of the same card.

Unlike the other two, however, Zotac kicked the cooling scheme up a notch by slapping on a slightly modified Accelero TwinTurbo Pro VGA cooler from Arctic Cooling. The special cooler sports a dense aluminum fin array through which four 6mm copper heatpipes run through. On top of the fins sit two 92mm fans.

Despite the custom cooling system, it doesn't look like Zotac's version will come overclocked from the factory. According to a GPU-Z screenie  over at EXPreview, Zotac's card runs at 675MHz, the same speed as Nvidia's reference design, and 25MHz slower than Gainward's 2GB version.

No word yet on price or availability.

Image Credit: EXPreview

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