Zoom's Multi-Talented Q3HD Point-n-Shoot Records HD Video and HD Audio

Paul Lilly

Zoom, which specializes in stereo recorders, has just launched its new Q3HD Handy Video Recorder, the only handheld in the world to record both HD video and HD audio, the company claims.

"To shoot a great movie you've got to have both great video and great audio," says Scott Goodman, President of Samson Technologies, U.S. distributor for Zoom. "Because the Zoom Q3HD is the only handheld video camera that allows users to do both, we believe it will revolutionize the way home movies are shot and set new industry standards for quality and usability."

The pocket-sized point-n-shoot is capable of shooting Full HD 1080p video at 30fps and 720p at 30fps or 60fps. There's a 4x digital zoom and a redesigned aperture paired with three lighting settings.

For audio chores, the Q3HD uses the same microphone as found on Zoom's H4n recorder. Other features include a 2GB SD card bundled in (upgradeable to 32GB), a 320x240 LCD screen, built-in USB 2.0 cable, HDMI, and built-in editing and YouTube uploader software.

The Q3HD sells for $300.

Image Credit: Zoom

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