Zoho Announces Full Google Docs Integration

Maximum PC Staff

Web-based productivity suites are in an interesting stage of development. Google’s already rolled out its own set of web-based applications. Microsoft has promised to soon follow.  But the real innovation appears to be happening in more modest settings. Zoho , a start-up, not only has it’s own suite to offer, but it also a step ahead in capability. Zoho has just announced it will launch full integration of its productivity suite, Zoho Apps, with Google Docs.

Zoho allows for the attachment of files from Google Docs for use in its customer relations management (CRM) apps, including Leads, Accounts, and Cases. Attachment will require authentication in Google first, with Google Docs appearing within Zoho afterward.

Zoho mail will be able to attach files directly from Googe Docs. And users will be able to upload files either to Google Docs or Zoho Docs. Zoho’s project management application will also be able to access files from Google Docs.

Zoho, which has some two million users, also offers integration to Microsoft Office, Microsoft SharePoint, and Microsoft Outlook, as well as a mobile option and a plug-ins for Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Image Credit: Zoho

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