Zenverge SoC-Assisted TwonkyServer Combats DLNA Incompatibility By Transcoding Media On The Fly

Brad Chacos

As anyone hardcore media streaming fan can tell you, dealing with transcoding issues can be a real pain in the neck. Formats that work for one machine don’t necessarily play nice with another. A new partnership hopes to make transcoding worries a thing of the past, though: PacketVideo, the maker of TwonkyServer, and Zenverge, an integrated circuit supplier, have joined forces to use Zenverge's hardware-based transcoding to ensure files streamed by TwonkyServer are supported by all DLNA-enabled receiving devices. According to the companies, that’s a world first, folks.

TwonkyServer provides the DLNA backbone, while Zenverge’s ZN200 and ZN100 transcoding/encoding SoCs use the company’s TransALL engine to convert media as necessary to ensure it will work with the target DLNA device, be it an HDTV, Blu-ray player or anything else. Basically, you won’t have to sweat file formats, because if the receiving device doesn't support avi (or whatever), the Zenverge SoC will change it to something else. Or as Zenverge Executive VP Shawn Saleem puts it in the press release :

“Customers will no longer have to determine if content is compatible with their DLNA client as the TwonkyServer with the ZN100/200 transcoder will process content to support the capabilities of the DLNA client.”

The specifics of what hardware will be needed to pull this off are still up in the air: representatives declined to provide us with more details. The companies will be showing off their new media streaming solution at CES next week, however, and we’re hoping it is as awesome in real life as it sounds on paper.

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