Zalman MS800 Plus Review



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100 bucks isn't the price tag for a budget case. It is about the maximum that should be spent on a case. 100 bucks is about enough to buy a halfway-decent, next-gen console-grade GPU, a HQ 128 GB SSD or Microsoft's last great OS (or even Win 8).

At what price do we get into "performance" cases and out of the realm of "budget" cases? Is it 200 dollars, which is more than a 78XX series Radeon? Is it 300 dollars, which is enough to buy a 79XX (where X < 90) Radeon or the Nvidia 670 listed on today's newegg deal?

I ask because I can't fathom a case that is worth as much as a high-end GPU or HQ 256+ GB SSD.

I like my ~$100 CM Storm Enforcer well enough. I haven't seen a case priced too far north of 100 bucks that has compelling features, features not available at a lower price, to get me to spend the additional cash; what glorious features exclusive to pricey cases am I in ignorance of?



I'm waiting for a case with 3.5" hot swappable bays that will all run on one localized power connector to the PSU.



I know for certain that the Corsair 800D has this option.



Fractal makes some of the strongest cases I know. Very heavy thick steel, great routing and $100 range. The ARC series is awesome.



Went with a Tempest 410 over the MS800 Plus



Case makers should take notes from other manufacturers "budget" casing (Cooler Master or NZXT to name a few). I still haven't seen a better budget chassis than CM's HAF912 which goes for $60 avg. Seriously shouldn't be that hard to get a case made with a MSRP of $100 and get better specs.than the HAF912.