Zalman Shows Off Gargantuan Cooler With Remote Control

Maximum PC Staff

Unveiled just this week, Zalman’s new CNPS10X cooler is the first CPU cooler with a removable remote.

The CNPS10X rocks a total of five heatpipes in order to conduct heat away from the processor, all of which feeds into a huge group of fins. These fins are kept cool by a sizable, high-CFM fan.

And, of course, there’s the remote, which will let you adjust the speed of the fan, or lock it into auto mode. The remote can be plugged into the heatsink itself, or work via extension cable. The remote features two LEDs, a surface button and a wheel for all of your speed adjusting needs.

The CNPS10X will be available in several different colors, but no word on when it’ll arrive or how much it’ll cost.

Image Credit: Tom's Hardware

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