Zalman Rolls Out Triple Fan CNPS12X Air Cooler

Paul Lilly

Zalman's latest approach to air cooling is to pound away at the problem of heat building with three -- yes, THREE -- 120mm Long Life Bearing fans with blue LEDs. The triple fan configuration comes standard on Zalman's new CNPS12X, a hulk-sized air cooler measuring 151mm (L) x 132mm (W) x 154mm (H) weighing 1kg, or just over 2.2 pounds.

As is becoming common in high end air coolers, the CNPS12X employs direct contact heatpipes that come in contact with the CPU. There are six composite heatpipes in all, each one running from one set of aluminum fins down through the base and up through another set of fins. The three fans are placed on the front, rear, and sandwiched in between the dual heatsink structure.

Zalman includes a tube of ZM-STG2 "Super Thermal Grease" with the CNPS12X, and mounting brackets for Intel's LGA 2011, 1156, 1155, 1366, and 775 sockets, and AMD's FM1, AM3+, AM3, AM2+, and AM2 sockets.

No word on price or availability.

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Image Credit: Zalman

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