Zalman Resorator 1 Plus


The Resorator’s configuration is simple: a massive 24-inch tall aluminum combination reservoir/radiator (hence the product’s moniker) that holds 2.5 liters of water. There’s a small and silent 5-watt pump inside the radiator, strapped to the bottom of the tank. The 5/16-inch silicon tubing runs from the radiator tank to the CPU water block, then to the VGA block, and then back to the radiator. We love the auto-close valves on the reservoir. They let you disconnect the hoses for easy, spill-free travel. Trust us: This is an extremely convenient feature.

Installation was, to borrow a phrase from the Pentagon, a cakewalk. Though motherboard removal is required for Socket 940/939/754 and LGA775 processors, instructions are clear and easy to follow. The installation process for the VGA water block was also a breeze and the explicit instructions prevented us from damaging our X800 XT test card.

Once fired up, the Resorator 1 Plus delivered cooling performance just a tad warmer than what we’d have achieved with stock air-cooling. It does this, however, without producing any noise whatsoever. In fact, the only way you can determine whether the Resorator is running is by glancing at its handy in-line flow-meter. That this cooler achieves decent temperatures while handling the load of both the CPU and an ultra-hot videocard at the same time is amazing to us. But the lack of a fan on the CPU socket does have drawbacks. The capacitors and voltage regulators on our LGA775 test platform became super hot without the aid of airflow around the processor area.

Although the Reserator didn’t perform as well as the Innovatek SET passive water-cooling kit reviewed last month, it was a lot easier to install, and goes one step further by including a VGA water block in addition to a CPU block. All in all, it’s a hell of a product and a must-have if you’re obsessed with making your PC deadly quiet.
-- Josh Norem

Month Reviewed: Holiday 2005
Verdict: 9

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