Zalman Reserator 3 Max is First Water Cooler to Use Nanofluids

Paul Lilly

When nanoparticles and fluids collide

Zalman's latest Reserator liquid cooling solution -- Reserator 3 Max -- is a self-contained CPU cooler unlike any other on the market. It uses a nanofluids refrigerant, which essentially means mixing nanoparticles with fluids to maximize cooling performance. According to Zalman, it's the world' first cooler to boast such a design, though it also wields a dual-radial radiator setup to help optimize airflow.

Both the inner radiator and outer radiator wrap pure copper fins around a heatpipe that runs the lengh of the circular design and back. This is what Zalman refers to as a quadro cooling path, since there are two pipes each making two trips to dissipate heat.

Other features include a built-in water pump, VRM (voltage regulator module) cooling, blue LED fan (dual-fan design allows users to install an optional second fan), and supposedly easy installation and maintenance.

No word on when the Reserator 3 Max will be available or for how much.

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