YouTube's CitizenTube Will be a Breaking News Feed

Ryan Whitwam

YouTube will begin working with the University of California at Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism to deliver breaking news in the form of YouTube videos. The so-called CitizenTube has existed for a while now, but this new commitment means the content will be constantly updated with the help of an editorial staff. The editors will also be looking for tips and feedback via twitter.

YouTube's blog post didn't make it clear if the entire endeavor would be human driven, or there would be some automated content selection happening as well. This sort of guiding influence could help make "citizen journalism" more valuable to the general public. Presumably, the folks behind CitizenTube will vet stories before posting them. We expect this feed to be built into YouTube's mobile applications at some point. Would you check this feed during the next big news story, or will traditional media still be more practical?

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