YouTube Wants You for User Research

Paul Lilly

The future of YouTube could be left in your hands, as well as anyone else who participates in the video sharing site's user research surveys.

The latest user experience study asked YouTube users to depict their ideal YouTube layout using printed-out features glued to magnets. Most of the participants said they "just want to watch" and that an ideal layout would consist of little more than a player and a title. But a smaller group -- mostly consisting of those who upload videos -- craved a far busier design brimming with social features, comments, descriptions, and more.

This is where you come in.

"Sometimes having users come into labs is not enough, though; we want to understand how users use YouTube in their context, in their living room, with their laptop on their lap, sprawled out on the couch," YouTube wrote in its blog. "In this case we might have field studies where we interview users in their homes."

You can take a short user survey here , and if you're interested in participating in any upcoming research, YouTube has a form you can fill out here

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