YouTube Video Shows How "Real People" React To Windows 8

Brad Chacos

Consumers downloaded the Windows 8 Consumer Preview over a million times in less than 24 hours, but we're willing to bet that the majority of those downloads came from the technically inclined rather than, say, your parents. The tech world has already proclaimed what it likes and doesn't like in Windows 8 -- but do everyday people really care if W8 has an enhanced contact app? Can everyday people even locate the contact app in W8? Lockergnome's Chris Pirillo decided to put the W8 interface to the test by plopping his elderly father down in front of the new OS with no introduction.

As you can see, Pappa Pirillo struggled to find his way back to the Metro home screen after opening Windows Explorer. What does this prove? Nothing, really -- it's far from a scientific test. But anecdotally, the video shows that the loss of a Start button and the schizoid Metro/Classic interface will likely cause headaches in everyday non-techie users who think that, say, Internet Explorer is the Internet. Or, as Pappa Pirillo says, "Are they trying to drive me to Mac?"

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