YouTube Unveils Auto-Translate for Captioned Videos

Alex Castle

Image Credit: Google

Recently YouTube's really been ramping up its efforts to bring viewers a more cinematic online-video-viewing experience , a trend that continues as they bring home all the sophistication of foreign cinema with a new auto-translate features for subtitles . Ok, maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration. After all, machine translation being what it is, it's not particularly likely that you'll get more then a bare-bones understanding of what's going on, but at least that's better than nothing.

Of course, the functionality will only be available for videos which have had subtitles or captions uploaded with YouTube's recently-added caption feature , which is currently only a tiny percent of the videos online.

The YouTube blog explains how to use the feature: "To get a translation for your preferred language, move the mouse over the bottom-right arrow, and then over the small triangle next to the CC (or subtitle) icon, to see the captions menu. Click on the "Translate..." button and then you will be given a choice of many different languages."

What do you think of the feature? Is it just another gimmick, or is it going to open YouTube up to greater cross-cultural participation? Let us know after the jump.

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