YouTube Turns 8 Years Old Today

Paul Lilly

Google-owned site is still growing.

Thanks to YouTube , we have funny memories like Leeroy Jenkins leading his team to slaughter and declaring after the bloodbath, "at least I have chicken"; the art of Rickrolling ; Old Gregg introducing a new audience to how a transsexual merman rolls; and so many more. Heck, if it weren't for YouTube, shows like Tosh.0 probably wouldn't exist. Pretty remarkable for a site that turns 8 years old today.

What started off as a modest video sharing site has grown into so much more in the past 8 years. According to YouTube, would-be directors upload more than 100 hours of video to YouTube every mintue. On a monthly basis, it's seeing 1 billion visitors come to the site. And earlier this month, YouTube announced it was seeing 6 billion hours of video uploads each month.

"And so, this Monday, on our eighth birthday, we’d like to thank you for making YouTube the special place that it is," YouTube stated in a blog post on Sunday. "For showing us how video can create connections, transcend borders and make a difference. For clicking these links even if you aren’t sure what they’ll be, but you trust us. In short, thanks for making us better in big ways and small ones, too. We can’t wait to see what you come up with next."

The most viewed video on YouTube is Gangnam Style with more than 1.6 billion hits, followed by Justin Bieber's Baby video featuring Ludacris (859.2 million hits).

What's your favorite YouTube video?

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