YouTube Scraps 15 Minuite Time Limit (Sorta)

Maximum PC Staff

YouTube has been toying around with more lenient time limits over the past 6 months, but have finally decided to open the floodgates to videos of any length . The announcement sounds promising in principal, but the reality is that not everyone will actually qualify since it only applies to accounts that are free of any past copyright violations.

Avoiding copyright violations in and of itself isn’t the problem, the biggest issue we hear is from Podcasters who claim that YouTube is great at figuring out if you’re rebroadcasting content, but not so great at determining “fair use” for the purpose of commentary.

Either way this is a step in the right direction, and an amazingly bold move for a company that has to handle more video per hour then we could watch in a lifetime. Got a 2 hour video of your cat sleeping in 1080p? We think you’ll be safe with that one.

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