YouTube Now Serving Up 6 Billion Hours of Video Each Month

Paul Lilly

It would take many, many lifetimes to watch all of YouTube's content.

Three ex-PayPal employees created YouTube just over eight years ago, but do you think any of them could have predicted just how popular the video sharing site would become? Perhaps, though it would have been hard to conceive of a service streaming out 6 billion hours of content each and every month, which is how much YouTube is currently piping through the Internet.

YouTube announced the staggering stat in a blog post, adding that it now sees 1 billion unique monthly visitors, connecting 15 percent of the planet to its growing catalog of videos. When you think about it, YouTube may have barely scratched the surface here.

The video sharing site is no longer simply a portal for crappy home videos (oh, they still exist), but also a place for major media companies to reach an audience fed up with cable and satellite TV. Underscoring that point, YouTube revealed that DreamWorks Animation has acquired AwesomenessTV, a popular teen network on YouTube with almost half a million subscribers and over 101 million views.

Image Credit: Flickr (jm3)

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