YouTube Now Comes at You in 3D Vision, Firefox Required

Paul Lilly

YouTube, the video sharing site that turned six years old this week, is for the first time giving users the ability to view thousands of 3D videos in stereoscopic 3D on their Nvidia 3D Vision PCs and notebooks, Nvidia announced today. Not everyone gets to participate in the fun, at least not right off the bat. Thanks in part to the ongoing web standards war, the ability to view streaming stereoscopic 3D visions with Nvidia 3D Vision-enabled PCs is exclusively available to Mozilla's Firefox 4 (and above) browser.

"We're excited to introduce HTML5 and WebM support to the thousands of 3D videos available on YouTube," said Jonathan Huang , 3D Product Manager at YouTube. "By embracing these open standards, Nvidia 3D Vision users now have a great way of experiencing YouTube's library of 3D content."

To view videos in the new format, you need an Nvidia 3D Vision kit, compatible PC or notebook with the latest GeForce drivers (version 275 or above), and Firefox 4 or above. Once you have all your ducks in a row, you just need to select the HTML5 viewing option when viewing a YouTube 3D video.

Image Credit: Nvidia

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