YouTube Launches Experimental HTML 5 Support

Pulkit Chandna

If all the talk of HTML 5 has piqued your curiosity, then you may want to give YouTube's new HTML 5 experiment a try. The world's most popular video streaming portal is now offering a HTML5-based alternative to the Adobe Flash player . But the YouTube HTML 5 video player is only compatible with three browsers: Chrome, Safari, and  Internet Explorer with  ChromeFrame. While other browsers may support HTML 5, only the two mentioned above support the H.264 video codec at this moment.

Mozilla and Opera have chosen to support the open Ogg Theora codec instead of the H.264 codec. But before you blithely take the plunge, it is worth reminding yourself that the HTML 5 video player is in an experimental phase and has its limitations. It doesn't support fullscreen viewing and videos with captions, annotations, or ads. Also, the HTML 5 player may not work alongside other Testtube experiments. HTML 5 support in YouTube can be enabled here .

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