YouTube Just Keeps Growing, Receives 4 Billion Views Daily

Brad Chacos

Google+ may hog the headlines and television ads, but another Google property sucks in page views and advertising dollars at a much more rapid clip. No, we're not talking about Google Search (although that's probably doing just fine financially); we're talking about YouTube. The Big G's video-sharing service just keeps getting more and more popular, and at this point, the hours of video uploaded each and every minute outnumbers the amount of hours most people spend working in a week.

Users upload a whopping 60 hours of video to YouTube every minute of every day, Reuters reports -- an utterly staggering amount of content. In comparison, users "only" uploaded 48 hours of video per minute last May. That's a roughly 25 percent increase in less than a year. How does that translate into dollars? Google says around three billion of the 28 billion videos streamed every week run ads alongside them, and those ads dump about $5 billion of cash into the company's pockets each year.

tl;dr YouTube is massive.

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