YouTube in Talks to Stream NBA and Other Live Sports

Paul Lilly

Fans of the National Basketball Association (NBA) may be able to tune in and watch live streaming games of their favorite teams on YouTube next year (assuming owners and players can hammer out a new collective bargaining agreement in time to avoid a lockout). According to a report in Bloomberg , the Google-owned video site is in negotiations with the NBA and "most pro sports leagues" to show more live sports.

"It's fair to say that there will be a lot more appealing sports content you'll see on YouTube," said Gautam Anand, Google's director of content partnerships for Asia Pacific. "We have ongoing conversations with pretty much everyone."

One of those conversations is reportedly with the National Hockey League (NHL), though an NHL spokesman denied there have been any talks to stream games over YouTube. Michael Bass, senior VP for the NBA, however, readily admitted that such talks are in fact taking place, saying "We're pleased that YouTube recognizes the value of live sports."

YouTube has been down this road before, just not on this scale. The video sharing site already streams Major League Baseball (MLB) games in Japan, as well as cricket's Indian Premier League.

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