YouTube Gets New Video Editor

Ryan Whitwam

Google has added a new feature to YouTube that will hopefully make the viewing experience better for all of us. Users will now have access to a handy web-based video editor when uploading clips. This isn’t a serious product for splicing together clips, like the one in Google Labs, but it provides the essentials. Users can adjust video properties, audio, and add effects in just a few clicks.

The interface is tabbed with a section for Quick Fixes that allow users to pump up the brightness or contrast to make a video more watchable. This is also where uploaders can apply image stabilization. The Effects tab is (shudder) a little bit like Instagram for videos. The Audio tab exposes a feature that has existed for a while now. Users can swap out the audio with one of Google’s licensed tracks.

All the changes preserve the original upload as a backup. So if a user changes his or her mind later, they can go back to the original and start over. URLs and view counts will be preserved for videos under 1000 hits, but after that any changes made will require the video to be posted as a new entry. The new features should be live for everyone soon.

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