YouTube Celebrates Five Years, Two Billion Views Per Day

Paul Lilly

In May 2005, some former Paypal employees launched the first beta version of YouTube, an online video sharing site that would become so memorable for Rickrolling, the Leave Brittany Alone video, and many other, ahem, gems. In celebration of its fifth birthday, the Google owned company has launched the YouTube Five Year channel .

"There, you’ll find the 'My YouTube Story' project which features people from all over describing how YouTube has changed or shaped their lives," YouTube wrote in a blog post .

"The channel also hosts an interactive timeline containing some of the most important moments and memes in our short history. It was tough to pick -- and just scratches the surface of all the amazing things that have happened on YouTube over the years. What else? We’ve asked a handful of luminaries like Conan O’Brien , Vint Cerf and Katie Couric to curate playlists showcasing their favorite videos on the subjects they know best. You can also check out our Infographic here ; it contains lots of neat facts and figures."

Users are invited to add their own story the mix, which can be uploaded here and possibly selected to appear on the channel's video wall or map.

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