Your Next High-End Motherboard Might be an ASRock


Most of you know ASRock as the brand name behind budget-oriented boards, some of which pack a lot of value for the money. And that's been the intention all along. The Taiwan-based company was spun off from Asus in 2002 in order to compete with major OEM players like ECS and Foxconn, but every once in awhile the mobo maker designs a board that attracts the attention of the enthusiasts. Some of you might still remember (and maybe even still own) the ASRock 939Dual-SATA2 board, one of the first boards to implement both an AGP and PCI-E slot with nary a performance hit on either side.

Packing features that belie a budget price tag has been the company's staple, but does it have what it takes to compete at the high end? We may soon find out. According to sources at motherboard makers, Pegatron Technology is expected to use the ASRock brand name to compete against firt-tier mobo makers and vendors, and that includes Asus after the company is spun off in July 2010.

ASRock will end up shipping 7 million of its own-brand motherboards in 2009, putting the company in position to wrestle with MSI and ECS for the No. 3 spot in global branded motherboards. In addition, Asus plans to reduce its mobo outsourcing to Pegatron from 50 percent to just 30 percent of Asus' total shipments, freeing Pegatron up to churn out even more ASRock branded boards next year and beyond.

It's not all about motherboards, either. Pegatron will use the ASRock brand to promote desktops and notebooks, and could even use it on smartbooks, e-book readers, handheld devices, and LCD TVs, the sources say.

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