You May Notice a Slight Tingling Sensation...


By now, if your browser's cache has refreshed, you've already noticed that we've put a fresh coat of paint on today. If you're still seeing a lot of orange, press Shift+F5 or clear your cache and reload the page.

Back? Good. We haven't added a ton of new functionality with today's release--we've given our current design a little more breathing room, worked to improve page load times, and laid the groundwork that will let us add new features and functionality in the coming months. That doesn't mean that today's release will be bug-free, if you find problems with the site, things don't look right, or you just want to let us know how we did, please let us know in this post's comment thread.

As always, this new look is all thanks to hard behind-the-scenes work of the team--Bart, Chris, Drew, Kitt, Mark, and Michael. Thanks guys, the site looks great!

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