You Can Stuff an HD Radeon 5970 into CyberPower's LAN Party EVO

Paul Lilly

Boutique system vendor CyberPower today unveiled its new LAN Party EVO series of small form factor (SFF) desktop gaming systems. These configurable portable PCs come housed in either a Silverstone SG-07B Mini ITX case (LAN Party EVO Mini) or In-Win's chain-link armor inspired Dragonslayer mini tower (LAN Party EVO Xtreme, Commander, and Ultra models).

The mini-ITX version is perhaps the most interesting, if only because CyberPower manages to cram an impressive amount of hardware in such a small space. This one comes with an Intel Core i7 870 processor, 4GB of DDR3 memory, ATI HD 5770 videocard, and a 1TB hard drive for $1,079. These can all be upgraded.

"The LAN Party EVO Mini is known as one of the smallest footprint gaming systems but can accommodate even the monstrous ATI Radeon 5970 graphics card," CyberPower says.

All four baseline configurations include a liquid cooling solution and low dBA fans. In addition, CyberPower says users have the option of outfitting the Ultra model with sound absorbing foam, anti-vibration fan mounts, and power supply gaskets.

LAN Party EVO Product Page

Image Credit: CyberPower

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