You Bragging, Bro? G.Skill Rolls Out 64GB RipjawsZ DDR3 Quad-Channel Memory Kit

Paul Lilly

You know that guy who just plunked down a paycheck on a 32GB memory kit and struts around the online block like a peacock with his feathers stretched out? Neither do we, but if there is such a guy, you can take away his forum bragging rights with G.Skill's 'Over-the-Top, Holy Hell This Kit is Freaking Massive' 64GB DDR3-2400 quad-channel memory package. Actually, it's part of G.Skill's RipjawsZ line, but we take no issue if the company wants to use our moniker instead.

It's big and it's fast, a combination that's achieved by hand-picking and hand-testing every single memory module.

"All the chips are highly selected and tested with G.Skill's rigorous internal validation process to ensure the maximum stability, while maintaining decent overclocking headroom," G.Skill says .

And that's good, because how frustrating would it be to snag a monster-sized 64GB memory kit only to find out it's unstable? Speaking of which, you should make sure your motherboard supports this much memory before making a purchase, and it wouldn't hurt to come up with reasons why you need such a large kit in the first place.

The kit is comprised of 8x8GB memory sticks. Timings run a bit loose at 10-12-12-31-2N, but if you're picking this up, your primary objective is capacity, not tight latencies, right?

No word on price or availability.

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Image Credit: G.Skill

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