Yes, VIA's Eight-Screen Video Wall Can Display Crysis

Paul Lilly

Stale jokes leads to an awesome new demonstration

It doesn't matter if you're showing off a new 1,000-core processor armed with 100 gaming-grade graphics cards or a fancy new toaster with an LCD display, some yahoo is always going to ask, "Yes, but can it run Crysis?" It's an old joke, one that was again recycled recently when VIA was giving a demonstration of its 8-panel video wall , and VIA decided to answer it. Spoiler alert: the answer is yes, and we have the video to prove it.

VIA's "Video Wall" solution is unique not just because of the multiple displays, but also due to the ways the screens can be arranged. According to VIA, they can be arranged in any required geometry, two of which it has on display in its labs -- one is a 15-panel video wall and the other is an 8-panel video wall in a fishbone design.

"VIA MagicView software is used to lay out how available video content is shown across the screens, through an easy to use drag-and-drop interface. Besides playing back pre-recorded videos, the wall can show live recordings, or screen capture from an external computer. All it takes is connecting the video source with an HDMI-in cable to the VIA MW Video Wall Controller server," VIA explains .

That includes the ability to run Crysis, provided the source is up to the task. Check it out:

It was TweakTown that posed the question at the end of its write-up on the video wall technology. You can see additional pics of the setup by showing them aome love and clicking through.

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