Yelp becomes First Augmented Reality App on iPhone US App Store

Pulkit Chandna

The Android Market abounds with Augmented Reality (AR) apps just as the iTunes apps store waits for its own deluge of such apps. Although the first wave of AR iPhone apps was expected to follow after the launch of the new iPhone OS, Yelp has shipped the first installment of augmented fun to keep US-based iPhone users occupied in the interim. The augmented reality feature is only meant for the iPhone 3Gs.

The functionality has been built into the new Yelp app, which can be downloaded from the app store. Shaking the iPhone 3Gs three times when using the new Yelp app invokes a view called “the Monocle.” The app overlays markers for restaurants, bars and other nearby businesses onto the camera view. As is the custom, the app uses iPhone’s GPS, camera and compass to find and display landmarks. This is the first AR app on the US app store.

Image Credit: I4U

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