Yellowbird Startup Shows Off 360 Degree Video Technology


YellowBird, a startup in the Netherlands, has developed an interactive 3D video technology, which includes a 360-degree video camera, software to stitch the data together in panoramic form, and a video player that allows Aunt Mabel to navigate the video just by click and dragging with a mouse.

According to TechCrunch, your Aunt Mabel will have to contend with overly sensitive controls at times, but the tech blog noted it's still a much better experience than navigating through still photos, saying "it really gives you a sense of walking through a crowd and swiveling your head around." After playing with out ourselves, we'd have to agree.

As promising as this sounds, don't expect to see a 360-degree camera in Best Buy any time soon. Instead, YellowBird wants to focus on custom developing 3D immersible videos for marketing campaigns, at least in the immediate future.

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