Yahoo's Revamped Mail Service Rolls Out of Beta

Paul Lilly

Yahoo introduced the latest version of its mail service late last year in beta form and has decided it's now ready for prime time. Over the coming weeks, all 284 million users worldwide will start seeing the upgraded platform, as will Yahoo's global partners, including Nokia. Key features of the revamped mail service include improved performance, enhanced spam protection, and a customizable inbox with an emphasis on social networking.

Yahoo Mail users can now instantly respond to Facebook messages from within Yahoo Mail rather than jetting over to the social networking playground. Users can also view and post updates to Facebook and Twitter, giving it a leg up on Gmail for people who live and breathe social networking.

The redesigned layout looks a lot more modern and can be customized with over 50 themes and stationery options. It's also fast, though we did run into some quirkiness linking our social networks that required us to log out and back in again. Otherwise, the service works as advertised.

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