Yahoo to Resume Advertising with New Slogan "It's You!"


Your ex-girlfriend might have assured you just before breaking up that, 'Hey, it's not you, it's me,' but get ready to hear just the opposite from Yahoo, who wants nothing more than the two of you to be together forever.

According to The Wall Street Journal , Yahoo's upcoming "massive global marketing campaign" includes a new tagline : "It's You!" Yahoo had no comment on the new slogan, but according to inside peeps who can't keep a secret, the ads are very real and being created by Ogilvy & Mather, a unit of Dublin-based WPP.

Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz reportedly disclosed the ad campaign to investors earlier this summer.

"We're really going to move to reposition the Yahoo brand and Yahoo the company," Bartz said at the time.

Part of that repositioning includes focusing on personalization and educating the public on ways Yahoo can help people utilize all its services and information online. Yahoo is also expected to introduce new tools, inside sources say.

The campaign could kick off as early as this week.

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