Yahoo Swears It's Doing Just Fine Without Microsoft

Paul Lilly

Yahoo this past summer committed to a ten year deal agreeing to use Microsoft's search technology in exchange for selling both its own and Microsoft's search ads. But as far as everything else going on at Yahoo, the search company wants to make it clear it's getting along just fine on its own.

"What impact does the Microsoft search deal have on the Yahoo cloud? It has no impact," Shelton Shugar, Yahoo's senior VP of cloud computing, told The Register . "All the services we're building, we will continue to build. All the roadmaps we have in place, we will continue to work towards."

Yahoo has diverted a lot of its attention to cloud computing in recent years, and its search technologies were gobbling up half of the resources on its open-source, cloud-based infrastructure consisting of roughly 25,000 servers. With the Microsoft pact freeing up those resources, Yahoo can focus on other uses.

"Search is just one of the many services [in use across the platform]. We use it for advertising. We use it for content. We use it for all of our usage logs. It is essentially becoming the data warehouse for all of Yahoo," Shugar added.

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