Yahoo Rolls Out $100 Million Television Ad

Paul Lilly

You have to spend money to make money, and Yahoo will spend $100 million (or more) on its new marketing campaign, which formerly rolled out on Monday . As part of the pricey campaign, TV ads will begin airing on AMC, ESPN, USA, Comedy Central, Bravo, and several other broadcast networks in the U.S.

"You are about to enter a place. A place where time and space collide, and breed wonder, and joy, and wow. Where news travel faster, where friends come closer, and you go farther," Yahoo's new Anthem ad starts out.

The initial ad appears to be more about pushing the company's 'It's Y!ou' slogan than anything else, as there's no mention of specific Yahoo products or technologies. But according to Elisa Steel, Chief Marketing Officer for Yahoo, the search company is planning on rolling out some new products and promoting them through future ads.

Anthem Ad Link

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