Yahoo Overhauls Flickr, Ups Free Storage Ante to 1TB

Paul Lilly

Let the free storage wars begin.

Yahoo wasn't just content to spend $1.1 billion acquiring Tumblr, it also went out and revamped its Flickr photo sharing service in a significant way. The first thing you'll notice is a tiled interface with larger size images. Users are able to upload full resolution photos, and to make sure you have plenty of online space to store your photography, Yahoo is offering 1TB of online storage for free in an attempt to make the service "awesome again."

That trumps Google's 15GB of free storage , which the sultan of search allows you to distribute however you wish across Gmail, Google Drive, and Google+. Yahoo limits photo uploads to 200MB each on its free tier and 1080p video uploads to 1GB each, up to 3 minutes long. You can upload and download in full original quality.

"Flickr’s stunning new desktop design puts photos at the heart of the experience. Built around a new photostream that gives you a vivid and endlessly scrolling gallery, it’s easy to see what your friends are posting and what they’re saying about your photos," Yahoo stated in a blog post . "And because Flickr has always been about exploring photographs from users around the world, we’ve also created a new slideshow that displays the most spectacular Flickr photos in gorgeous full-screen."

For $50 per year, you can sign up for an "Ad Free" account with all the same benefits of the free tier, but without ads (makes sense). Alternately, you can cough up $500 per year to double the storage allotment to 2TB (makes poor fiscal sense).

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