Yahoo Mail Now Serving 100 Million Active Users

Paul Lilly

Yahoo celebrated a pair of milestones this week, announcing over 500,000 Facebook fans, "which was the most explosive page on Facebook in June," and building an army of over 100 million monthly active users in the newest version of Yahoo Mail. Want more numbers? Yahoo claims it sifts through around 5,000 pieces of feedback about its online mail service each day.

"Manually going through each one is a daunting task for even the most industrious product manager. So, we redirect this feedback into a tool that helps us automatically recognize and categorize the important trends in your feedback," Yahoo said in a blog post."

Yahoo says it takes feedback seriously and as a result makes regular changes to its mail service. It's doing something right. More unique visitors flock to Yahoo Mail than any other webmail service on a monthly basis, according to data provided by comScore . Interestingly enough, comScore also notes that Yahoo Mail is the most popular webmail service among the under 18 crowd in the U.S., though not by a huge margin.

Image Credit: Yahoo

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