Yahoo Email Outage Affected 1 Million Users

Paul Lilly

You may have noticed that your Yahoo email account was on the fritz yesterday. If so, there's no need to go mucking around with your router settings or trying to troubleshoot the problem on your own. There was somewhat of a widespread outage that started at 7:30AM and, at its worst (around 11:00AM) affected about 1 million users, Yahoo said on its official Mail Blog.

"We have isolated the root causes of the problem and have restored service," Yahoo said . "No email data was lost or at risk. We understand that being denied access to your email is extremely frustrating. We are taking steps to prevent this kind of outage in the future."

That's all the details Yahoo was willing to provide. There's no mention of exactly what the issue was, how the company plans on ensuring it doesn't happen again, and when exactly email was back up and running again.

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