Yahoo and Twitter Introduce TweetNews Service

Paul Lilly

Twitter isn't just great for finding out what Will Smith had for lunch on Friday (KFC, in case you were wondering) or how Norman Chan feels about chicken fried bacon, it's also capable of keeping you in the loop when it comes to current events. When something newsworthy happens, you can bet your chicken fried bacon there will be plenty of Tweets covering the action. But not only can the information be unreliable, but getting your news in 140-character nibbles doesn't always work out. And hitting up news outlets like Google News, which rely on algorithms to rank stories, doesn't always deliver the story you're looking for quick enough.

To solve these problems, Yahoo BOSS engineer Vik Singh has created TweetNews. The new service compares Yahoo's news results to hot new topics flowing through Twitter, using that information to organize and prioritize news stories. The end result is a search engine mashup that tracks Twitter feeds for fast updates on the stories you're most interested in reading.

"Basically this service boosts Yahoo’s freshest news search results (which typically don’t have much relevance since they are ordered by timestamp and that’s it) based on how similar they are to the emerging topics found on Twitter for the same query (hence using Twitter to determine authority for content that don’t yet have links because they are so fresh)," Singh wrote on his blog.

Will this change the way you get your news? Hit the jump and post your thoughts.

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