Maximum PC Staff Aug 10, 2011

Y-Cam Bullet

At A Glance


Inexpensive, full-featured camera with good video and audio quality.


Large and heavy, so requires expertise to install.

While D-Link’s DCS-930L is designed to be placed anywhere in your home or office, the Y-Cam Bullet is a big, heavy outdoor cam designed to be bolted to the wall. If you have what it takes to make that happen and run electricity to it, you’ll have yourself an amazing piece of surveillance equipment. Connecting to your network wirelessly or through Ethernet, the Y-Cam delivers excellent video and audio recording capabilities. It even has a speaker, so you can interact with whomever wanders onto your property. The infrared LEDs not only look way cool, they let you see in the dark up to 50 feet.

Setting up the camera takes a little technical know-how but was surprisingly straightforward, and we like how a full set of features allows you to record video locally or remotely and to view the footage over the Internet.

The relatively low price and excellent features make this a very attractive surveillance camera if you have the handyman chops to make it happen.

$500, www.y-cam.us


Y-Cam Bullet

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