Xoom Priced at $799 Verizon 3G, $600 Wi-Fi Only

Ryan Whitwam

After weeks of speculation and rumor, we finally have an official Motorola Xoom price . According to Reuters, Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha has confirmed at Mobile World Congress that the Xoom would be priced at $799 for the 3G version on Verizon (no subsidy), and only $600 for the Wi-Fi only tablet. It's not a low as we might have hoped, but at least that $1200 Best Buy price turned out to be just a placeholder.

The $799 price for the 3G version is a little steep comparatively. The 32GB iPad with 3G is $70 less. Clearly the Xoom has some better specs, but consumers are not always lured by the checkboxes. The Wi-Fi version will actually be dead on with the cost of the corresponding iPad.

Jha did not let slip the date the dual-core tablet will be available, nor if there would be a subsidized version available from Motorola at some point. How do you feel about this price?

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