XML Co-Inventor Ditches Oracle, Catches Ride with Google

Paul Lilly

Ladies and gentlemen (of Oracle), Tim Bray has left the building , deciding instead to jump aboard with Google as a developer-advocate for the search giant's Android development team.

"I had an offer to stay with Oracle which I decided to decline; I'll maybe tell the story when I can think about it without getting that weird spiking-blood-pressure sensation in my eyeballs," Bray wrote in a blog post . "So I reached out to a couple of appealing potential next employers, both were interested, and Google seemed like the best bet."

Bray, formerly the director of Web technologies for Sun, also is known for co-creating XML (Extensible Markup Language), which is a set of rules for encoding documents electronically.

What Bray's exact role over at Google will be has yet to be determined, though one glance at his blog reveals that he's very much interested in the Android platform.

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