Xi3 to Launch World's First Chrome OS Desktop

Pulkit Chandna

Utah-based Xi3 Corporation has announced a Chrome OS-running version of its flagship Modular Computer. The company made the announcement in a recent press release . Touting its upcoming ChromiumPC modular desktop as “the world’s first desktop computer running Google’s Chrome operating system,” the company revealed in the press release that it has been working on the machine since 2009.

The vendor has chosen the 4th of July as the launch date for its ChromiumPC. At this stage, not a lot is known about the cloud OS-based modular computer apart from its launch date and the vague bit about it being “powered by a dual- or single-core 64-bit, x86-based processor, housed in a chassis measuring 4.0- x 3.656- x 3.656-inches and available in multiple colors, including a chrome-plated chassis.”

With it effectively being a Xi3 Modular Computer, the ChromiumPC will feature three easy-to-upgrade modules instead of the single mobo found in standard computers: “Taken in concert these three modules form the basis of what has been the classic motherboard, with the Processor Module housing the microprocessor and RAM, the Primary I/O Module typically housing the majority of the external communications ports, and the Secondary I/O Module typically housing Ethernet, video and power connections.”

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