Xi3 Teams with Intel to Sell Line of Micro-Mini PCs and NUC Systems

Paul Lilly

Xi3 may have found a willing partner in the SFF space

There was quite a bit of mystery and intrigue surrounding Xi3 Corporation's Piston PC at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) two years ago, not to mention confusion over whether or not it would become Valve's rumored (at the time) Steam Box. It wasn't mean to be -- Valve has since launched a Steam Machine initiative, but Xi3 hasn't given up on SFF systems. Instead, Xi3 has partnered with Intel to build and sell next-generation "Micro-Mini PCs," which will include Intel's NUC line , the company announced today.

As Xi3 explains the game plan, it will initially work with Intel to further commercialize its NUC line to global enterprise and government customers. The two will also collaborate on ultra SFF products using Xi3's IP and Intel's low power processor technology.

"We are pleased to be working with a worldwide leader in low power x86 microprocessors," said Jason A. Sullivan , Founder, President and CEO of Xi3 Corporation. "This agreement will result in Xi3's first commercially available Micro-Mini computers powered by Intel processors. We see this relationship as the perfect marriage between processor and platform technologies. We are very excited about what the future may hold!"

Xi3 specializes in softball-sized systems that are modular, powerful, and energy efficient. The Xi3 NUC will deviate from the square look of the Piston and take on Intel's flattened NUC design. There are three systems being advertised at present -- NUC Leon ($539), NUC Lear ($679), and NUC Elli ($649). All three are available to customize and order now.

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