Xi3 to Reveal Additional Details About Piston Gaming PC on Monday

Pulkit Chandna

Unveiled at CES 2013, the Piston console has long been suspected to be a Steam Machine

Utah-based modular computer manufacturer Xi3 created a lot of buzz when it trotted out the diminutive Piston console at CES 2013, leading many to speculate whether it was actually a Steam Machine (or “Steam Box,” as was the preferred term back then). The company’s chief marketing manager David Politis played it coy when online editor Jimmy Thang probed him on the matter. Now, the company says it will reveal additional details about the Piston on Monday, September 30.

“Prominently highlighted today on Xi3's Website is a gray scale illustration featuring an outline of the iconic shape of the PISTON Console with an equals sign floating in the middle of the outline,” the company said in a press release Friday. “Above the PISTON silhouette is a headline that reads, 'The wait is over' with the date 09.30.13 featured below the image.”

This is interesting because the modular gaming PC has been up for pre-order since March and many of its vital specs have been in the public domain all along. So what is it that Xi3 is so excited about all of a sudden? Could this have something to do with Valve’s recently announced Steam OS and Steam Machine initiatives?

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