XFX Reports Stolen Unreleased Videocard as Part of Clever Ad Campaign

Paul Lilly

Call it a cry for attention or brilliant marketing, but either way, registered XFX customers received an email yesterday afternoon alerting them to a supposed security breach at XFX's facilities resulting in a stolen 5970 Black Edition Limited videocard, which hasn't actually been released yet.

Dear XFX Customers,

In light of recent events, we have come to suspect that one of our 5970 Black Edition Limited cards may have been compromised. In our current inventory check of this limited run of 1,000 individually serialized pieces, #68 has been unaccounted for. Due to evidence of a security breach in our facility, we believe it to have been illegally obtained as the product has yet been released per the embargo date. Please be aware that the person responsible will be subject to persecution by law. If any news can be provided to lead us to the apprehension of the suspect, or you can provide us with any information, please report it to security at xfxforce dot com. Please do not attempt to buy, trade, or barter for this unit. We thank you for your cooperation and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Sincerely, XFX

In small print at the bottom, XFX discloses that this is a Gamertainment campaign, though otherwise the email looks legit. So is the videocard, which will feature 4GB of memory instead of 2GB found on reference 5970 parts. The limited run card will come with six mini-DisplayPort connectors and support Eyefinity 6.

XFX has put together a couple of related YouTube videos, which you can view here and here . Check them out and then hit the jump and tell us what you think of this kind of marketing campaign.

Image Credit: XFX

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