XFX Fermi Spy Shots Leak

Justin Kerr

As we inch closer to Friday's supposed Fermi release date, new spy shots were bound to emerge. We still don't know clock speeds, performance, or price, but damn this thing is shiny! If you're as easily distracted by sexy silicon as we are, scroll down to check out the pictures posted by Chinese rumor site Experview .

The heat sync on this design is pretty elaborate, but then again, given the heat it has to dissipate, we expected as much. The rumor mill is suggesting that the GTX 470 will offer performance better or on par with the Radeon 5850, while the GTX 480 will offer a 5-10% jump over the 5870. Of course these are all still just rumors, and only time and testing will tell the true story. Stay tuned to Max PC for the latest on the Fermi launch.

Anyone out there still think Nvidia will pull a rabbit out of the hat?

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