Xfire Debate: The Future of Call of Duty

Maximum PC Staff

This past Wednesday (the 18th) I had the unique opportunity to represent Maximum PC in The Two-Handed Sword’s debate about the Future of Call of Duty .

Paneling the debate was Destructoid ’s Anthony Burch, MoBdeep ’s Call of Duty 4 Team Leader Matthew Gomez, Team Pandemic ’s Joseph Amorosa, PC Gamer ’s very own Evan Lahti , the Cyberathlete Amateur League ’s Operations Manager Sean Henderson and myself . And, the man in charge of moderating the whole rowdy lot of us was Dan “Shoe” Hsu (who you may remember from the late EGM).

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in checking out, you can find the transcript here . And, be sure and check out other debates in the future over at Xfire ! They did a great job setting up the event.

Image Credit: Xfire

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