Xbox Kinect Motion Controller Officially Priced at $150

Nathan Grayson

If Microsoft’s been your main Kool Aid supplier for the past few months, then the Kinect-centric future of gaming is looking bright indeed. Your piggy bank’s future, however, might not be all sunny skies and rainbows, seeing as Microsoft’s oddly named motion control camera’s sporting a price tag that may just send it squealing for the hills in terror.

For $150 , you’ll nab Kinect and a copy of Kinect Adventures, a minigame collection ostensibly created to give you a quick taste of what Kinect can really do. Obviously, that price alone -- while a tad steep – isn’t anything that can’t be surmounted by a few skipped meals and some serious sofa-spelunking. However, you can pick up a Wii bundled with two games and Wii Motion Plus for only $200 – which even puts the now-confirmed 4GB Xbox Arcade/Kinect bundle’s $300 price tag to shame.

Sony’s Move motion controller, meanwhile, tipped the scales at $100, making Microsoft’s motion offering the most expensive of the three. Granted, accuracy, sensitivity, games, and time will tell who really reigns supreme, but we’re not entirely sure if we’re willing to spend $150 on a controller – even if it will let us fiddle around in menus like Tom Cruise in Minority Report. For now, consider us skeptics – although a certain upcoming lightsaber game might be able to Jedi mind trick us into playing an incredibly one-sided match of a game we like to call “Hammers” with our piggy bank.

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