Xbox 720 Specs Reportedly Leaked

Pulkit Chandna

Xbox 720 will reportedly pack an eight-core 1.6GHz processor

The first reports about the Xbox 720 (or whatever Microsoft’s next-gen console ends up being called) began appearing as early as 2006, even prompting Microsoft EMEA (European, Middle East, and Africa) vice president Chris Lewis to plead for “a chance to catch a breath” when asked about the Xbox 360’s predecessor during an interview in October that year. Now that Microsoft has had more than enough time to do so,  people are growing restless. And when that happens, the rumor mill experiences heightened activity.

VGLeaks, which claimed to have the dope on both Microsoft and Sony’s next-generation consoles over the weekend, has published an article detailing what it claims to be Durango’s (codename for Xbox 360’s successor) innards — complete with a block diagram (below) and all.

According to the site, Durango packs an eight-core x64 powerplant with each core clocked at 1.6GHz. Further, the console is said to have 8GB of RAM, an 800MHz GPU with 12 shader cores, 50 GB 6x Blu-ray Disc drive, hard drive, Gigabit Ethernet, Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi direct.

While this is nothing more than a rumor, it is not the most farfetched Xbox-related stuff we have come across recently. That honor belongs to Forbes columnist Adam Hartung’s suggestion that Microsoft’s entertainment division could end up getting “spun off, sold to someone like Sony or possibly Barnes & Noble, or dramatically reduced in size.”

Anyway, VGLeaks is now promising to leak the tech specs of Sony’s eighth-generation console (code-named Orbis) which according to a separate report will hit the market after the Xbox 720.

Image Credit: VGLeaks

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