Xbox 720 Rumors Range from the Unlikely (Blu-ray) to the Unreasonable (Anti-Used Games Mechanism)

Paul Lilly

With the Consumer Electronics Show now in the rear-view mirror, it's time to start looking forward to other tech conventions like the upcoming Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), which will kick off this summer. It's possible Microsoft will announce its next generation game console at E3, and in the process dispel or confirm the many rumors surrounding the Xbox 720.

Forbes rounded up some of the more interesting ones as of late, including one originating from IGN in which it's being reported the Xbox 720 will be six times more powerful than the 360 and is slated to ship in October or early November of next year.

"Our sources have confirmed that mass production of the system's GPU will indeed begin by the end of 2012 but will not, however, be based on AMD's 7000 series Southern Islands GPU," IGN says . "Instead, the processor will be derived from the 6000 series, which was introduced last year. More specifically, it will be akin to the Radeon HD 6670, which offers support for DirectX11, multi-display output, 3D and 1080p HD output."

That's certainly within the realm of possibility, and technically, so is another rumor that Microsoft will finally implement a Blu-ray drive into its game console with the 720.

"Microsoft will upgrade its disc technology for its next Xbox from DVDs to Blu-Ray discs, catching up to rival Sony, games industry sources tell Kotaku, Kotaku reports .

What makes the Blu-ray rumor so hard to believe is the number of times we've heard similar chatter of Microsoft releasing a Blu-ray version of the Xbox 360, only to be strongly refuted by the Redmond software and hardware giant.

Kotaku also claims to have "heard from one reliable industry source that Microsoft intends to incorporate some sort of anti-used game system." It's unclear how it would be implemented, and while it sounds ridiculous, would anyone really be surprised if a console maker tried to pull off a stunt like this?

Microsoft, of course, is keeping mum about its next generation console.

"As an innovator we're always thinking about what is next and how we can push the boundaries of technology like we did with Kinect," Microsoft said in canned statement to Kotaku. "We believe the key to extending the lifespan of a console is not just about the console hardware, but about the games and entertainment experiences being delivered to consumers. Beyond that we don't comment on rumors or speculation."

What are your predictions and/or wishlist for the Xbox 720?

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